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What is a Body Corporate?

A body corporate is a legal entity which is created when land is subdivided and registered under the Land Title Act to establish a community titles scheme.

Who is a member of the Body Corporate?

All the owners in a Community Titles Scheme are automatically members of the Body Corporate.

What is a Body Corporate Manager and what is their role?

A body corporate manager for a scheme is a person or business who supplies administrative services to a Body Corporate as per the Administration Agreement that is entered into with the Body Corporate.

If a body corporate has elected a committee, the body corporate manager is engaged to help them. The manager can only act under the instructions of the Body Corporate.

What is a Community Titles Scheme?

A development of freehold land which includes common property is referred to as a community titles scheme (CTS).  A community titles scheme is a single community management statement, scheme land, at least two or more lots and contains common property.

What is the Community Management Statement?

The Community Management Statement is a document that identifies a community titles scheme and contains relevant information for the lot owners.  Some of this information includes:

  • Name and number of the Community Titles Scheme
  • Contribution Schedule Lot and Interest Entitlement Schedules
  • Body Corporate By-Laws
  • Description of any Exclusive Use Areas


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